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We are excited to share news of our latest Employment Support efforts with our newest partner, Trinity Restaurant Training at Church of the HolyTrinity! Our role is to 1) identify the training candidate, 2) provide work clothing & knife set, 3) arrange for Serve Safe certification and job readiness training and 4)provide additional support of the trainee as needed. Holy Trinity's Chef Joseph McAllister provides 8 weeks of culinary training...covering everything from knife skills & sauces, to wet and dry cooking methods & kitchen safety and more! TOGETHER we will be working with local restaurants and eateries for job placement. Trainee #1, Derran Smith, is 5 weeks into training and just started work Andiario, a new Italian fine-dining restaurant on Gay St In West Chester. 

IMG 4424  Here's to building skills AND a stronger community!!

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Dear Diary

Apr 25 - The "littlest" things can make a "HUGEST" difference. "Paula" is currently a shelter resident trying to get a fresh start. Employment, housing,and many other benefits all hung in the balance because she didn't have a photo ID or a copy of her birth certificate. Our donors support us, so we can be here to support the countless "Paulas" in our community. She left here today with a $20 check for PA Vital Records and a $30.50 check for PENNDOT...and the respective forms completed. Two little pieces of paper = HUGE barriers. As little as $50.50 = HUGE life-changing potential.

Mar 23 - It's all about working we worked with St. Agnes Outreach Services and St. Vincent de Paul (SS Siman & Jude chapter) to help a man, going through a very rough personal situation, stay housed.

Mar 16 - "Mel" had been working hard to get his life back on track but living where there are no sidewalks, or a even footpath, getting where he needed to go and getting to ANY possible employment became a MAJOR barrier. We were able to get "Mel" a much-needed bike and now he's back on the more ways than one.

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