ACT Now Volunteers

Sometimes the immediate needs of an individual go beyond the scope of what a specific agency or faith community can provide—that is where our ACT Now Volunteers come in.

ACT Now Volunteers respond to urgent needs by:  

  • joining our ACT Now Network to receive emails about urgent needs,
  • providing support such as home goods, clothing, school supplies, or a ride,
  • distributing groceries via our Community Cupboard or participate in our Neighbors Feeding Neighbors program by helping to prepare/package meal for freezing and distribution,
  • contacting us to learn about other office and event opportunities.

Learn how you can volunteer or be part of our ACT Now network and discover how you may be called to Act in Faith.

Volunteer Advocates 

Advocates respond to the needs of those seeking our help by:

  • assessing need and urgency,
  • identifying and connecting people to available services, and
  • being a listener, voice, and friend to those in need.

The Community Cupboard

The Community Cupboard, with help from local faith communities and others, provides:

  • food to supplement what is provided by other local food cupboards,
  • personal care and housekeeping supplies, which are not covered by food stamps, and
  • gift cards.

 Client Emergency Fund

Sometimes, all it takes is a modest amount of financial assistance to bring an individual or family back from the brink of crisis—that is where our Faith Emergency Fund can help.

The Client Emergency Fund, made possible through generous donations, helps provide responsible financial assistance to:

  • prevent evictions and utility shutoffs,
  • provide heating fuel,
  • help secure housing/shelter, and
  • assist with a variety of urgent needs.

Our ability to address genuine need relies on the continued support of charitable donations.  Every contribution has the ability to impact someone in need.

Social Services

Social Services, faced with increased need and shrinking budgets, are collaborating with each other on common concerns and increasingly rely on community volunteers to meet critical needs. ACT in Faith strives to:

  • network closely with other organizations,
  • partner with other organization to provide better client support, and
  • link volunteers to opportunities to provide support.

Faith Communities

Faith Communities are a core resource in our efforts. ACT in Faith’s goal is to connect:  

  • volunteers to opportunities to help, and
  • to one another in the common mission to care for our neighbors in need.