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Many times “your story” can be better told by someone else.  Being seen through the eyes of others gives new perspective and insight that we may not observe or overlook when we narrate our own story.

We asked volunteers, Board members, clients, and community service partners to answer a few questions about ACT in Faith. Their words will be shared with you in this and future newsletters, web, and Facebook communications in hopes that you will see something new when you read our story in their words.

Here’s how volunteer, Mary Alice James, answered…Have you learned anything about our neighbors in need through your work with Act in Faith?

My work at ACT in Faith has made me aware of the breadth and depth of the areas of need. It goes way beyond food and housing. Whether it is tokens to get to a new job, help paying an electric bill, finding a security deposit for a place to live, having money to pay the fee to get a drivers license for a job, phone minutes so that prospective employers can get in touch, being able to get household and personal items for cleanliness (I had not realized that these are not availablewith food stamps), help with resumes for job applications, etc… The picture of poverty is so much larger than I had ever stopped to imagine.”


Mary Alice has been a volunteer for almost 3 years, supporting the organization in a multitude of ways,  From filing and mailings to stocking the Community Cupboard shelves and assisting with cleint needs.  She has truly helped our mission grow!