March 2, 2015

A young man, who has worked some Community Service hours for us in the past, just called from a nearby store...he encountered a woman in need of assistance so, after sharing what he knew from his time working with us, he called here to get her more information. 
He served here because he had to.
He served her because he cared to.

484-324-8492  212 S. High St. West Chester, PA 19382



  • Median household income in Chester County is approximately $86 093.
  • Federal Poverty Level for a family of 4 is $24,250.
  • Almost 40,000 of our Chester County neighbors live at or below Federal Poverty Level.


  • 51% of people calling for shelter in Chester Co. do not receive service because there are no available beds.
  • The cost to provide shelter for one person is $45 per day/$1350 per month.*
  • Since 2011, ACT in Faith has prevented 328 people from becoming homeless...140 of which were children.

*Statistic pulled from Safe Harbor web site.

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