DEC 21 - "Emily's" life took an unexpected turn and she found herself with an empty oil tank and no money to fill it. 100 gallons of oil addressed her immediate need but we knew we needed to do more. Our staff helped identify other resources to help her reduce her bills and worked with her to create a budget that fits her new circumstances. Both received and grateful, "Emily" said she feels she can manage on her own going forward.

DEC 19 - We're NOT usually in the furniture business but when a donor calls to see if we know of anyone in need of living room and kitchen furnishings, followed by a call from a Vet in need of those exact things 2 hours later, you know its what we like to call "Divine Intervention"! Our donors provided a new beginning.

DEC 2 - Our volunteer just made a follow-up call to a woman we'd helped in 2015 while she was a shelter resident and again 6 months ago when she needed help with a security deposit. She went from a shelter, to staying with a friend, to stably housed on her own. Per our volunteer, "She genuinely sounds like she's going well and, with mindful spending, living affordabley". For less than $300 in total, our donors changed this woman's life.

NOV 10 - Imagine having to sleep outside tonight... "Tom" can...he's been sleeping outside for days. What stood between him and a county shelter was a bus pass...a little piece of paper priced under $3...yet invaluable. Thank you donors for allowing us be here to remove yet another barrier.

OCT 24 - We've had some powerful conversations over the last few weeks...stories of struggle...feelings of frustration and despair - yet, woven in were themes of determination, perseverance, and hope. As important as the financial support we provide are the relationships we build. Love and compassion have empowering effects on the human spirit.

AUG 31 - In January 2016 "Sara" was a shelter resident...we helped her get an ID, a resume, and a haircut to aid her job search. Since then she has gotten a job, found housing, and obtained some stability. In July she lost her roommate...and then she was facing eviction. We were able to prevent the eviction, and "Sara" has secured more affordable housing going forward.

AUG 1 - Earlier this year we put minutes on "Mary's" cell phone when she was living in a shelter. "You really helped me. It doesn't sound like much - less than $100 but it made a huge difference! I needed to talk to people to accomplish what I need to do. I'm a success story."

JUL 5 - Every week ACT in Faith partners with other local agencies. One common scenario is when their Case Managers have a housing plan in place for someone but the housing isn't available for a day, a fews days or a week. We assist with funding for brief hotel stays so the person/family doesn't remain or become homeless.