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July 13 -"Lynn" is never late with her rent. Her landlord said as much. But life tossed her a curve ball - unexpected expenses and a temporary reduced work schedule. The perfect storm hit and now she's a bit behind in rent. Minutes after discussing with her landlord - explaining she could catch up soon, this was taped to her door. Now, you could view this at face value - a landlord is a business person and a lease agreement is a binding contract. Or you could view this as a member of a community, a neighbor...as someone who has perhaps also had no choice but to "rob Peter to pay Paul" at some point in their lives. Thank God our donors see beyond face value and view their community with empathy and compassion.

June 24 - "John's" story is a long one...a history of poor choices in his youth still haunting him today. Released from prison several years ago, rebuilding a life different from that of his youth, has not been easy. Who'd of thought prison wasn't actually the "bottom". Last week, "John" started along the road to rebuilding with a new focus...a new job...and a new-found hope.

May 21 - "Spencer's" journey is a long one...when we met him in 2012 he spoke of a past peppered with bad choices. He was unemployed and seemingly unmotivated. Over the next few years we got to know him, continued to encourage him to find work - telling him we believed he had a lot to offer and continued to listen as he talked but did not act. Then in 2016 he came to tell us that our friendship and belief in him led him to finally WANT to take action. He is now 2 years sober, has 2 jobs, and has a very clear vision of the direction he is heading.

May 14 -Coming home to "EVICTION NOTICE" hanging on your front door would be enough to shatter most anyone. It took the coordinated efforts of 2 social service organizations, the hard working tenant (who took on a PT job in addition to her full-time job), and a property manager with compassion to prevent this piece of paper from leading to homelessness. Working together = one less person entering a Chester County shelter.

May 11 -"Oh my gosh! I can't thank you guys enough for all you've done for me...seriously, I don't know where I'd be without your help!" We don't share praise like this to solicit awe. We share because when "Jay" came to visit this week he was beaming ...he came to tell us that he just started a great job and is close to securing housing. We share because a $30.50 photo ID and $80 for a cell phone can be life-changing. We share so our donors know how invaluable & appreciated their support is to the "Jays" in our community.

Apr 25 - The "littlest" things can make a "HUGEST" difference. "Paula" is currently a shelter resident trying to get a fresh start. Employment, housing,and many other benefits all hung in the balance because she didn't have a photo ID or a copy of her birth certificate. Our donors support us, so we can be here to support the countless "Paulas" in our community. She left here today with a $20 check for PA Vital Records and a $30.50 check for PENNDOT...and the respective forms completed. Two little pieces of paper = HUGE barriers. As little as $50.50 = HUGE life-changing potential.

Mar 23 - It's all about working together...today we worked with St. Agnes Outreach Services and St. Vincent de Paul (SS Siman & Jude chapter) to help a man, going through a very rough personal situation, stay housed.

Mar 16 - "Mel" had been working hard to get his life back on track but living where there are no sidewalks, or a even footpath, getting where he needed to go and getting to ANY possible employment became a MAJOR barrier. We were able to get "Mel" a much-needed bike and now he's back on the road...in more ways than one.