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May 31 - Year to date, we have prevented 13 evictions, 11 utility shut-offs, distributed 11,243 lbs. of groceries, provided transportation support for 27 and job search/resume support for 27 more.  In addition, we filled 42 requests for items such as clothing, home goods and baby supplies.  In total, 220 households have been assisted since January 1, 2015.
April 23 - No one likes spending money on car repairs. But when you're struggling to make ends meet, that car repair is so much more than an "nuisance"...it is a full-blown crisis ... a catalyst for putting your life into a downward spiral. No car = no job = no home. 
The tears in her eyes when we recently told "Jane" that we would pay for her car repairs made it clear that, for her, a true crisis had been averted.