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Spet 1 -"You were there when I needed you. That means a lot." These are the words of a man who came to us last year for rental assistance. We helped him avoid eviction and we suggested he contact a local organization for guidance on how to budget his limited income....and he did. He tells us it's not always easy but he has been able to keep up with his expenses ever since.
Aug 18 -Our volunteers made some follow-up calls to see how folks are going months after they visited us. One man said that we helped with his PECO bill which kept his electric from being shut-off. He said our volunteer told him about the PECO CAPS program or low-income households and as a result, he's been able to pay his bill every month.
July 23 - A family in need of large kitchen appliances - occasional
A donor with large kitchen appliances - less occasional
Having both at the same time & brawn to handle delivery - a rare gift!
Thanks to a generous donor and Men of Mission from First Presbyterian Church a local family now has a new stove & refrigerator!
July 14 - Sometimes there's just no being prepared for what life brings. When "Lynn's" purse (ID, banking info, etc...) was stolen it was like dominos tumbling...each issue triggering the next. One minute she's a single mom of 4 working hard to make ends meet and the next...she's behind in rent and facing eviction. Our donors are here for us so that we can be here for someone like Lynn, faced with the unexpected.


June 19 - What a day! Trained 2 new Cupboard volunteers, assisted a young man with his resume, phone minutes, PECO bill & Job Locator application, helped another man complete a rental application, provided support for yet another to get his bike repaired (his only means of transportation to and from work) ...and distributed bus passes, groceries, grocery cards and some clothing
June 08 - Received 300 rolls of paper towels compliments of the Rotary Club of West Chester! This donation with get us through the summer...Thank you , thank you, thank you!
May 31 - Year to date, we have prevented 13 evictions, 11 utility shut-offs, distributed 11,243 lbs. of groceries, provided transportation support for 27 and job search/resume support for 27 more.  In addition, we filled 42 requests for items such as clothing, home goods and baby supplies.  In total, 220 households have been assisted since January 1, 2015.
April 23 - No one likes spending money on car repairs. But when you're struggling to make ends meet, that car repair is so much more than an "nuisance"...it is a full-blown crisis ... a catalyst for putting your life into a downward spiral. No car = no job = no home. 
The tears in her eyes when we recently told "Jane" that we would pay for her car repairs made it clear that, for her, a true crisis had been averted.