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Mar 4 - We just had a visit from a woman whose health is such that her children have to live with a relative and she has no option for shelter until Monday when she can meet with her case manager. Our donors have made it possible for us to get her sheltered in a local hotel for the weekend.  
For many of us it's so easy to get caught up in the craziness of our daily lives that we often take for granted all that we have. May we all take pause daily to appreciate ... family, friends, employment, health...and the roof over your head.

Feb 29 "Carlo" has 2 part-time jobs and is working soooo hard to get back on his feet - "3 stapes forward" Today we partnered with St. Agnes Outreach Services, St. Vincent de Paul (Ss. Simon & Jude chapter) and the West Chester Salvation Army to prevent him from being evicted and taking "5 steps back".

JAN 31 -In 2015 we served 65 of the 114 new shelter residents at Safe Harbor...our little but might Community Cupboard distributed over 28,000 lbs of groceries...we aided 68 people w/ transporation-car insurance/repairs/bus tokens=jobs,interviews,appointments...90 people avoided becoming or remaining homeless in 2015 as a result of the support we were able to provide. Without ACT in Faith, 46 adults & 44 children would have gone unsheltered. Without our donors there is no ACT in Faith.

JAN 15 -We provided assistance with car repairs to a client going through a rough divorce. Months later we touched base to see how she was doing.  
"I am so appreciative of the help. I never thought this would happen to me. Things are much better now and I am able to keep up with my bills."

JAN 8 - Busy week...unfortunately, poverty and hardship don't take time off for the holidays. This week YOUR support
- provided monthly personal & household items for over 30 shoppers
- helped a mom & 4 children avoid eviction
- helped a single, unemployed man avoid eviction, apply for a new job and get his phone working (so a new employer can reach him)
- helped a working shelter-resident keep her car (so she can keep working and save for her own place)
AND you allowed this little corner of West Chester to be a place to come for those who needed to be heard.

DEC 17 - THANK YOU DONORS...your support enables us to provide "gap services" that help people overcome such barriers and get back on the path to self-sufficiency. Whether it is supplying groceries that food stamps don’t cover, resume support, emergency financial assistance, or bus tokens to get to work, ACT in Faith provides support for those who have nowhere else to turn.

DEC 1 - Once again, 2 little tokens saved the day. For who? A young man, just released from a few days in Chester Co. Prison for a non-criminal violation who just wanted to "get home". Otherwise, he's homeless in West Chester...to the tune of about $45 per day in a shelter or worse yet, sleeping in the cold, rainy outdoors. Thank you Westminster Presbyterian for helping to fund our transportation support efforts in 2015!

Nov 24 - Yesterday - a referral from another org. - homeless woman stranded in W.C. (our shelter's are full so she's been sleeping in her car) - slashed tires and a battery in need of a charge. 

Today - our friends @ Dave's Automotive Repair to the rescue - charged battery - new tires - she's back on the road to shelter in Lancaster.Thank you Dave's for being an amazing community partner!