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JUN 2 - Cell phone, bus tokens, work supplies...in the last 2 weeks we've provided to several people with these 3, much needed items. But equally as important, we provided a welcoming place for them to turn, compassionate listeners, and faith in their ability to forge their future. Thank you donors for making all of this possible.

May 5 - A NOTE WE RECEIVED TODAY - "I want to say thank you for helping my family when we needed a hand....We were in a hole that felt like we could not get out of. It was one of the hardest times to go through. From your help we were able to stay in our home and get back on track! I hope in the future we as a family can help someone in need."

Apr 26 - An email we received today: "...been meaning to share with you I got a job  I want to say Thank you so much for always willing to help when Im in need ... I am grateful for the help that's available through act of faith!! HAVE A GREAT DAY"

Mar 25 - Often our experience with someone is a single moment in a time of crisis...we help remove a barrier and their journey continues on. It's always special when we get a glimpse at what the other side of the hurdle looks like. Awhile back we helped a shelter resident with phone minutes so he could look for work. Today we happened upon him "on the job" at a local store.

Mar 3 - A note that we recently received from a shelter resident who is trying to get back on her feet..."I would like to thank you guys so much for helping me obtain my new phone. ... It's really warms my heart to know that organizations like yours exist that helps people when they are at their lowest point thank you so much and God bless."

Mar 2 - Living on a thread leaves no room for the unexpected. Felix has to have surgery and will be unable to work for weeks. We've partnered with the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul and have a plan in place to help him NOT end up homeless by the time he's healed. We're all one "unexpected" away from being Felix...that's why it's so important that we work together.

Jan 9 - Today we assisted 7 people within 2 hours…6 of them were unscheduled walk-ins. Two facing eviction, connections to other resources for 3 of them, employment info, budgeting guidance, cell phone minutes, and a gas card for someone who starting a job tomorrow.  Our donor make it possible for us to be when they need us.

Dec 24 - Thank you to John Brandt-Lee, owner of Avalon Restaurant, his patrons, the ladies of both Headquarters Hair Salon, and Kappa Delta Alumni. Again this year, each of these groups reached out to share the love of the season with a family in need. Yes there were presents given but these acts of kindness are really about the loving embrace of strangers. The real gifts are that of faith, hope, and love.