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Feb 26- Once a victim of domestic violence finds a safe shelter they need to forge their path forward, which just adds to their already overwhelming situation. With the support of our donors, we are here to remove some of the barriers and help clear the path forward. Bus tokens to get to work or an interview, resume/job search, pre-employment expenses, cell phone, security deposit, clothing -all are things that many of us take for granted - yet all are things that are be huge hurdles for those on the road to empowerment.

Nov 30 - Over the years we're developed a partnership with a local drug/alcohol treatment center. We have helped many with the security deposit and employment support services needed to enter the center's longterm housing program and obtain employment so they can cover their rent going forward. The recovery road has manyhurdles, we try to remove the ones we can.

Oct 20 - Despite already living on a very lean income, "Val" had to leave her job for health reasons. By the time she found a new job, her electric was in "shut off status" and she would lose her service before her first paycheck. We were able to provide the "hand up" by paying the $232 arrears to prevent the shut-off and "Val" will be able to handle her bills going forward.

Oct 14 - "Jennifer" was released from the hospital into homelessness, 40 miles from where she was living prior to being hospitalized. Luckily, our local shelter had a bed for her. She's working hard to rebuild her life and needed an new ID to get access to housing and other social service benefits. We were able to renew her CDL license which not only gives her benefit access, it allows her to seek new employment as a bus driver...her pre-hospitalization occupation. Our donors have removed yet another barrier and yet again, someone's life has been changed for less that $100 ($94.50 to be exact).

Aug 15 - Dear Act in Faith Staff: Thank you so much for your kindness and help with my electric bill. It was a pleasure meeting with you and I appreciate the time you have all taken to help me during this difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely, "Janet"
And to that we say: To Janet, it was an pleasure meeting you and an honor to assist.
To our Donors: Thank You!

July 13 -"Lynn" is never late with her rent. Her landlord said as much. But life tossed her a curve ball - unexpected expenses and a temporary reduced work schedule. The perfect storm hit and now she's a bit behind in rent. Minutes after discussing with her landlord - explaining she could catch up soon, this was taped to her door. Now, you could view this at face value - a landlord is a business person and a lease agreement is a binding contract. Or you could view this as a member of a community, a neighbor...as someone who has perhaps also had no choice but to "rob Peter to pay Paul" at some point in their lives. Thank God our donors see beyond face value and view their community with empathy and compassion.

June 24 - "John's" story is a long one...a history of poor choices in his youth still haunting him today. Released from prison several years ago, rebuilding a life different from that of his youth, has not been easy. Who'd of thought prison wasn't actually the "bottom". Last week, "John" started along the road to rebuilding with a new focus...a new job...and a new-found hope.

May 21 - "Spencer's" journey is a long one...when we met him in 2012 he spoke of a past peppered with bad choices. He was unemployed and seemingly unmotivated. Over the next few years we got to know him, continued to encourage him to find work - telling him we believed he had a lot to offer and continued to listen as he talked but did not act. Then in 2016 he came to tell us that our friendship and belief in him led him to finally WANT to take action. He is now 2 years sober, has 2 jobs, and has a very clear vision of the direction he is heading.