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Kindness Rocks
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Kindness Rocks

A New Way to "Act in Faith" for the Holidays...and all through the year!


What do you get the person who has everything? The gift of giving back. Remember special occasions by making a donation of $10 or more to ACT in Faith in honor of the celebrant. We send you a Gift Donation Greeting Card that you can present to that special someone. Choose from 4 designs: Holiday(holly), In Memory (tulips), All Occasion (cherry blossom), and All Occasion (sailing).  In Cards are available via our ACT in Faith shop or by calling the office.


These are great holiday options for bus drivers, teachers and/or hostesses!


Shop for Cards Now!


For the past 8 years our donors have made it possible for us to support people/households that face barrier(s) or threats to their self-sustainability. People who don’t know where to go for support or have no other place to turn.

The cost of keeping someone housed, keeping their utilities working, providing employment support or in any way, keeping someone on the road to self-sustainability costs far less than all that is at stake if we don’t.